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Children & Families in a Diverse Society

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Learner Development
Learning Differences
Learning Environments
Content Knowledge
Application of Content
Planning for Instruction
Instructional Strategies
Professional Learning and Ethical Practice
Leadership and Collaboration

Think about the above topics and how they are aligned with the main content of multicultural and anti-bias issues that support you in developing cultural competence in working with children and families in early childhood settings. With this in mind, describe how you will demonstrate cultural competence in five (5) of the exam topic areas of your choosing. For each chosen topic area, develop a commitment statement that you can use in your future role.

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How you will demonstrate cultural competence in five (5) of the exam topic areas of your choosing

Learner Development: This requires knowledge in how different cultures place emphasis on child development in regard to respecting that each child from diverse cultures learn differently in respect to how advanced they are when they arrive in K-12 education. More affluent parents may pay for their children to attend prestigious head start programs prior to kindergarten while children from lower socioeconomic demographics may be less advanced than their more affluent counterparts, which is a result of monetary factors but culturally related since lower socioeconomic students are more likely to be minorities. Teachers must understand this dynamic.

Learning Differences: As I stated in the above paragraph, students will all have different learning capabilities, which must be assessed by the ...

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