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Cultural Competancy : short essay answer

The role that education plays in supporting healthy development and well-being for all children in our diverse world. State strategies that a child development professionals can use to ensure that all children have access to quality education within schools that support healthy development and well-being.

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Cultural competency is necessary for all educators to practice with all their students in a sincere effort to ensure that all students get the same level of attention, care, objective treatment to be fair and consistent in educating students in educational setting of a school. For a growing child to feel confident, socially accepted and valued, as well as safe and encouraged, s/he must feel that they are able to go forward and ask for help from their teachers and friends, without feelings judged or humiliated in any way.

Access to educational opportunities will prove to be of countless benefits to ...

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Cultural competency as it relates to educational delivery & safe friendly social interactions among people from different backgrounds.