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    Cultural Background and Communication Style

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    Our cultural heritage can have a significant impact on our lives. Our heritage influences our religious and political beliefs, interests and hobbies, and even the food we eat. Write a short essay describing your background, and how you think it affects your communication with the people that you encounter in your daily life.

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    It seems as if this assignment is asking you to briefly describe your Dominican heritage. This means, identify and briefly explain the traditions, customs, beliefs, foods, language(s), dances, and values associated with your heritage. Finally, you need to describe the typical communication style of Dominicans. Keep in mind that communication styles may differ depending on whether the individual was born in the United States or in the Dominican Republic.

    The essay requires you to not only address the communication style but also, how it may affect those around you. For instance, the primary language of Dominicans is Spanish. Therefore, there may be difficulty speaking to people who cannot comprehend the accent and/or dialect of Spanish speakers. Also, communication styles differ amongst cultures. For example, ...

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    The cultural backgrounds and communication styles are examined. The affects communications with the people that you encounter in your daily life is determined.