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    System Modification for Japan

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    1. Analyze and explain how business practices differ among cultures.

    2 .Analyze how negotiators can understand the elements of communication and negotiation of their own cultures.

    3. Examine and explain the steps negotiators can take to ease the tensions between cultures.

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    1. Analyze and explain how business practices differ among cultures.

    Business practices can differ among cultures in various ways. First of all, culture has a major bearing on the communication style and preferences, be it relate to use of verbal versus non-verbal communication or use of direct versus indirect communication. Asian cultures such as Japanese, Chinese or Indian prefer indirect communication as compared to direct communication used by their American counterparts.

    Cultural differences can also have a major bearing on the ability to take risks and uncertainty avoidance. For example, Japanese are risk averse whereas Americans can be considered risk takers, which affects the negotiation or discussions among the negotiators from these countries.

    Another major practice that can differ among culture is decision making process. American culture is more individualist in nature and decision making could be quite fast whereas cultures such as Japanese are more collectivist in nature and decision making could be slow as people need to discuss any decision among the entire group or team. Hence, there is a difference in decision making ...