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    I have the following task, and I need some help getting started: Write a 3-5 pages by selecting a company and country that interests you.

    You have been asked to evaluate the country you selected as a potential market for your product(s)/service(s) and present your findings to other managers of the organization in a memo. In your memo, be sure to address the following:

    Provide a brief overview of the company and why the country you selected may be a potential market.
    What type of political and legal systems does the country have?
    Do free elections take place?
    Is the government heavily involved in the economy?
    Is the legal system effective and impartial?
    Do political and legal conditions suggest that it should be further considered as a potential market?

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 826 words with references.

    //The given discussion is in a form of a 'Memorandum'. This Memorandum is based on the legal and political system related to an Organization. It is including several aspects related to the Company and its business.//


    Date: November 11, 2008

    To: Manager

    From: Marketing Advisor

    Subject: Evaluation of the selected country as a potential market.

    //Prior to discuss the other aspects of the firm, it is essential to understand the background and the business details of the firm and the country in which it is operating. In this series, the first section of the discussion is including the overview of the Company under the heading 'Introduction'.//


    I have chosen the electrical company named 'Sun electrical equipments Inc.' The company was established in the year 1994 and it deals in the various daily electrical equipments, such as microwave oven, televisions, computers, toaster, refrigerator, DVD's, AC, etc. The electrical appliances of different types of voltages are marketed by the company. Basically, the main aim of the company is to spread the light just like the sun everywhere around the world. It means that the owner of the sunshine electrical equipment Inc. Wants to capture a large market share and strong image in the electronic industry by providing the value products to the customers at very reasonable rate in comparison to other existing competitors.

    For the electrical company, I have selected Japan as one of the potential markets because global competitiveness is the major plus point for the company. Japan also provides advanced technologies and research & development techniques in order to promote the products and services efficiently. It is considered as the best potential market because it is second largest market with the GDP rate, which is around 10%. ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 826 words with references.