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Legal Memorandums

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In supporting an attorney, a paralegal has an ethical responsibility to assist the attorney in his or her zealous representation of a client. In order to be successful, the paralegal must be precise and thorough in the research and analysis and in conveying the results in an office legal memorandum.

Can you help me discuss the problems that may arise if the paralegal?

Do not research all available sources.
Do not fully understand the assignment.
Incorrectly pursue a tangential legal issue.
Fail to communicate that the assignment includes research skills beyond your ability.

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If a paralegal does not research all available sources, then their research findings will be very limited and scope. This will create a situation where the memorandum will not contain all of the information that is pertinent to assisting the attorney in representing the client, in the most effective manner possible. This could create a situation ...

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This solution discusses key components of producing a quality memorandum.

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