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    Money Laundering Detection Information

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    Analyze the money laundering issue that caused a major scandal for the bank.

    What was the problem with the AML programs? How did the regulators fail at first?

    Discuss whether this bank did the right due diligence on its customers and what it could have done better.

    How was management involved? How could the red flags have been ignored? What were the penalties? Were placement, layering, and integration involved in these cases? What methods of money laundering were used?

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    Money Laundering Detection

    Money laundering is termed as the act of concealing financial transactions. People and institutions carry out money laundering activities in an attempt to conceal the true origin or destination of funds (Unger, 2009). Money laundering is therefore used by individuals who are carrying out illegal activities and they want to avoid detection. Through money laundering individuals and organizations attempt to portray that money originated from a legal source. Money laundering harbors criminal activities and assists in concealing the real source of income and giving the appearance that income generated is from a legitimate source. Money laundering is mainly carried out in such a way that money is transferred through several nations and this is done in order to conceal origin (Unger, 2009).

    Different countries have different laws relating to money laundering with some countries implementing reporting laws on financial transactions while others have secrecy laws (Unger, 2009). This makes it possible for an individual or institution to anonymously deposit funds in one nation and then transfer it to another nation.
    Recent money laundering scandal occurred in Wachovia Bank which currently part of Wells Fargo Bank. In March 2010 it was revealed that the bank was involved in money laundering transactions for Mexican drug cartel. Money laundering activities took place from 2004 and 2007 and it is provided that the bank laundered $ 378.4 billion for the ...

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