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Corporate Social Environmental Responsibility

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Consider as comprehensively as possible the application of corporate social responsibility where the environment is concerned. How do the Module Resources describe the obligation to legal or regulatory compliance relative to a broader concept of responsibility? What, if any, are the inadequacies of regulation (particularly with environmental stewardship)? What does this say about the adequacy of the free market economic model to accommodate the realities of the coming decades?

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Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility
In her 2004 doctoral dissertation, Alice A. Mah put forth the supposition that corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSER) has developed as a strategy to prevent or forestall international binding regulations, and as a means of cooption and compromise (Mah, 2004). This premise is a harsh, albeit possibly accurate, condemnation of corporations; they become stewards of the environment not because it is the right thing to do, but because it is an expedient ploy to evade regulation. In juxtaposition to this outlook is that of Elizabeth Essex in documenting one (anonymous) company's commitment to environmental and social responsibility while maintaining shareholder value and achieving profit goals.

One must view each dissertation with a certain amount of skepticism; one can always find situations and studies that align with one's own preconceived notions and/or prejudices. It is difficult to ascertain motivations without irrefutable evidence such as corporate memorandums or emails attributable to company leadership. Without knowledge of motivation, one must look toward results. Are these companies responsible stewards of the biosphere, and ...

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This solution provides a discussion of corporate environmental responsibility, touching on the topics of motivation vs legislation and regulation vs law. All references used are included.

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Option 2: Workplace-Based Field Research Paper B on the Evaluation of Your Organization's Commitment to People and the Environment
Purpose: For this option you will be required to gather first-hand knowledge in order to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of discretionary activities taken by your firm as they relate to the domain of "corporate social and environmental responsibility." You are encouraged to become familiar with both the people and the programs directly focused on this task through interviews and reviews of available documents. It will be useful to initially trace the history, scope and development of these commitments as they relate to your organization, its stakeholders, and the specific industry in which it operates. Through your interviews and research you should carefully delineate any gaps you find between stated purposes and actual accomplishments, as well as potential ways to improve performance. Finally, you are asked to think creatively about your firm's corporate social and environmental responsibility platform as a whole, and to suggest novel ways in which it could be realistically and successfully enhanced.
Note: This option must include a one-page addendum that will serve as an appendix.
Appendix For Option 2
Pick one firm from the list (and links) below. Become familiar with the firm's publicly available descriptions and reports about its Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Do you think these programs present solid and credible information on how the firm serves the best interests of people and the environment? Where do you see unique strengths or identifiable weaknesses?
This analysis can be utilized as another basis of comparison as you evaluate your own organization's commitment to corporate responsibility.
Compose your answer as a MS Word document. paper in MS Word not to exceed five pages in length
• Baxter International

• Coca-Cola Enterprises

• CVS Caremark


• Altria Group

• Starbucks

• British Petroleum

• Apple Computers

• Toyota

• Johnson and Johnson

it is important to note that simply referencing material is not sufficient. Material taken from a website needs both footnoting and end-of-paper reference listing. For additional information please reference: http://turnitin.com/research_site/e_citation.html. Please do not hesitate to ask questions about the code of conduct or requirements regarding references.

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