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How the World Bank Impacts Developing Countries

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Please see article. Identify one of the issues or activities that the World Bank is involved. How have they made a difference in a developing country or countries with regards to this issue?


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The World Banks involvement in Mexico has spurred many great projects that are centered on preservation of the environment and land. The results of these efforts are showing up in the country's creation of climate strategies along with improving their management of forestry and the passing of several energy efficiency laws (World Bank, 1). ...

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From 2008 through 2010, the World Bank has contributed over $3.7 Billion dollars on sustained environmental policies. These concentrated efforts by the World Bank to actively improve Mexico's country are a reaction by the Bank to help ease the struggles of poor nations and help the poverty stricken people of Mexico have cleaner water and available energy sources. The efforts also have been focused on improving tourist areas with the passage of the "Area 21 law" that focuses on sustaining key areas that are essential for the tourism to continue in Mexico (World Bank, 1).