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Japan: Economic, Financial, Environmental and Political Analysis

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Country selected is japan.
i need help figuring out informaton about Japan's economic status. I only need about 200 words each for the questions. I am finishing the rest of this paper myself. I need this done today. Thank you

1.)Economic conditions /Finance options available
2.) Environmental concerns/Physical environment and its affect on trade
3.)Political stability/climate

In regards to the country of Japan, what are its:
1.) economic conditions/finance options available
2.) environmental concerns/physical environment and its affect on trade, and
3.) political stability/climate

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The economic, financial, environmental and political analysis is examined.

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Economic Conditions:

Japan's industrialized, free-market economy is the third-largest in the world. It provides various opportunities for foreign investments and ventures as it has a highly efficient and competitive economy. Japan has technicians, a well-educated and industrious work force, industrial leadership, high savings and investment rates, and an intensive promotion of industrial development and foreign trade. Together, these things produce a mature industrial economy (Yoshitomi & Graham).

The Japanese economy has been experiencing a decline phase due to an economic downturn and a series of uncontrollable natural disasters that have negatively impacted the economy in various ways. Due to these reasons, worldwide demand for Japanese goods and services tumbled. The Bank of Japan reported real GDP growth of -5.5% in FY 2009 that recovered slightly to 4.4% in 2010 (Background Note: Japan, 2012).

In 2011, the disastrous earthquake, tsunami and radioactive explosions at nuclear plants devastated the Japanese economy. Japan's financial markets have also fluctuated dramatically. The Bank of Japan injected more than $325 billion in yen into the economy in order to ensure stability. In August 2011, the government revised downward its fiscal year inflation-adjusted GDP forecast to 0.5%. Government is also injecting massive amounts of money (as high as $ 295 billion) on reconstruction efforts to stimulate economic growth and to revive the economy again ( Background Note: Japan, 2012). These combined efforts, by the government and the banks, shows that Japan is recovering very fast and is soon going to jump in the race again. Therefore Japan will again open ...

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