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    Country Analysis

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    Country Analysis on Japan for a new global venture (Beef)

    Physical environment
    Social, Health, and Environmental

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    The political environment in Japan originates in Japan's legislature, the National Diet and it has the sanction of the Emperors. The current prime minister is Shinzo Abe. The appearance of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy in 2001 brought about a near panic in the Japanese beef market. The imports of beef were hit and the growth in Japanese consumption of beef was stalled. The government chose to remain safe and did not did not support any campaign by foreign countries so that consumptions is increased.

    The period of miracle economy growth is over in Japan. It had experienced 10% growth in the 1960s but in 2005 the GDP growth has come down to 2.8%.. It still continues to have the benefit of close government-industry cooperation, high technology, strong work - ethic and small defense spending. From the point of view of the beef industry this ...

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