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    Country risk

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    Please describe what country risk analysis is and how it can be conducted? Also, is the country risk analysis an effective tool in determining the desirability of establishing a manufacturing site or other mode of entry?

    Answer should be in narrative form integrating business and risk assessment tools and concepts into professional life. Use examples to support answer.

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    A country risk analysis is a review of the political, economic, and social information available for a country. This analysis considers all possible information, historical, current, and potential future, to allow for consideration of any risks that may occur. Information is gathered from as many sources as possible to gain the most up to date and reliable data: most people today use the internet and sites that deal specifically with the country and its business information. Analysts may also use the information from other organizations already in the country to glean information. One final way to ...

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    An explanation of country risk analysis and how it is conducted by a company. Included are the things to include and consider.