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    Country Analysis for Hungary

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    Country Analysis topics to include
    1) Political
    2) Economic
    3) Finance
    4) Physical environment
    5) Social, health, and environmental
    6) Cultural

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    Country Analysis - HUNGARY

    The Republic of Hungary has a parliamentary democracy. Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. There are five main political parties:
    a) Alliance of Free Democrats.
    b) Christian Democratic People's Party
    c) Hungarian Civic Alliance
    d) Hungarian Democratic Forum
    e) Hungarian Socialist Party
    The current President of Hungary is Laszlo Solyom, while the Prime Minister is Ferenc Gyurcsany, who leads a socialist-led coalition.
    The existing Socialist-led coalition won a decisive victory in parliamentary elections in April 2006, becoming the first government to win consecutive terms since the restoration of democracy in 1990 (Bbc.co.uk, 2007). But political instability started in September 2006 when a ...

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    This solution gives a brief analysis of the various aspects of Hungary including the political,economic, cultural and financial situation in the country.