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Democratic governance for China and former Soviet states

Is democratic governance possible for China? Are former soviet states pseudo democracies? Are Russia, Georgia and Hungary really democratic states? How do u write a non-normative format paper?

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On China, Former Soviet States & Pseudo Democracies:

Some of the states are more democratic than others. Some pretend to democracy; at least one makes no effort to seem democratic. Georgia falls into the pretend category for the most part. There have been many problems with elections and control within the country. Hungary, alternatively, is a strong democratic state with membership in the European Union and NATO and movement forward on improving both their economic system and government.

Like Hungary, Poland is a democracy and mostly does well. It too has had problems with elections. Romania, has not had problems with elections, but in the handling of the economic state and human rights issues, all suspicious under democratic rule. Most countries think that human rights issues are minor ...

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A discussion on the possibilities of democratic governance in China and the former states/nations of the Soviet Socialist Republic.