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    Japan- Ethical system and SWOT

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    I need help writing an essay on the analysis of the country, Japan. I am supposed to write at least four pages, but am absolutely stuck on the subject with no idea as to how to begin. I particularly need assistance with gathering information regarding Japan's ethical system and developing a SWOT analysis. I have attached an example of what the country analysis should look like as a reference. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Country Analysis- Japan
    Ethical System
    i. Corruption: Corruption level is low in the country. There are anti-corruption practices which are guided by proper legislation that includes the Penal Code and the Unfair Competition Prevention Act. As per Penal Code, officials are not permitted to receive facilitation payments and the Ethics Act puts a limitation on gifts which need to be disclosed if they exceed JPY 5,000 ("Business corruption in Japan", n.d).
    ii. Employment practices: Japan's legislation gives lifetime employment security and seniority-based wages to its employees. These practices are not flexible and differentiate between insiders and outsiders. It also leads to large wage disparities. Moreover, because of such practices, a kind of contract is created between employees and the firm where the firm can exert its influence over employee's work style, including work hours and job placement. The Japanese system is not very open to women pursuing full-time careers.
    iii. Environmental regulations: There are laws which state that it is the responsibility of central government, local ...

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