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Introducing a Product into a Competitive Environment

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Select a country and market to evaluate for your product and conduct a SWOT analysis in order to evaluate how the product will fare in the new market.

I want to select Japan or China as my target market and introduce Monster energy drinks to this market. I need assistance getting started on figuring out the best strategy for doing so.

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This solution explains how to conduct a SWOT analysis for a company that wishes to introduce Monster energy drinks into Japan or China, as a means of evaluating the match between the country and the product.

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Competitive Environment Analysis to Introduce Monster Energy Drink by employing a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats (SWOT) analysis to assess the competition.

A SWOT Analysis is a method that we will use to assess competition in the target markets (i.e. China and Japan).

SWOT Analysis for China

You begin with the S, which is for Strength. The Strength in this case is that "Markets and Markets predicts worldwide demand for sports and energy beverages will record yearly ...

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