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Strategic Planning Process: Sony Corporations

Product Sony and the country Japan.

Conduct a country risk analysis for your selected global business venture.

Summarize your strategic planning process:
1) Define/clarify mission and objectives
2) Assess internal/external environment (SWOTT)
3) Consider alternative strategies using competitive analysis
4) Make strategy selection
5) Select and justify an appropriate mode of entry for your global product or service
6) Implement strategy
7) Control and evaluation
8) Devise contingency plan

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//This paper is based on the risk analysis in a particular Country for a particular product. Regarding this aim, the first section of the discussion is describing the thorough analysis of a particular nation (Japan) and its market conditions for the new product. The analysis of Japanese market is done under the heading of Introduction//


Japan has the second largest economy in the world. The major industries of Japan are insurance, banking, real state, retailing, telecommunication and transportation. Japan is the center for new product development and technological innovations. In the field of scientific research, Japan is a leading nation. As the economy is growing, the purchasing power of the consumers is also increasing, so the consumers are early adopters. There are high consumer expectations from the market so there is a need to develop advanced products that can satisfy the consumers. The government is also aware about the new product development and aid to new global business ventures. Japan is ruled by law, so the level of corruption is very low in Japan. Infrastructural facilities are also highly developed in Japan. Before creating a roadmap, it is necessary to understand the current state and desired state of the business.

//After selecting Japan as the target market for the new product, the Company selected to introduce the product in the Japanese market is Sony Corporation. Under the introduction of the Company, its mission and vision are also described.//

Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation and one of the world's largest media conglomerate. Sony manufactures world class electronic items with the seal of "Made in Japan". Sony is committed to apply highly advanced technologies in the various sectors to fulfill the common household needs. Sony provides highly value added products to its customers.

Mission and ...

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