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SONY- Organization and Product Analysis

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I have chosen to do Japan and Sony.

Organization and product/service analysis
1) Description of your organization
2) Product/Services "Needs Assessment" of the new host country
3) Description of product/service to meet the need
4) Create a mission statement for organization

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// In order to start a Global business venture, the Entrepreneurs have to analyze various global, regional and country condition, as well as, analyze product/service. In order to prepare an outline of Organization and product/service analysis, we have to first give a brief description of Global business venture under the heading of introduction. //


The operations of a firm in more than one country make the firm, an international firm and firms are called multinational corporations. Globalization increases the success of the international business. Cultural barriers like law & legal system, language differences, living standards, climate, marketing and finance, all these issues should be taken into consideration before going international.

International transaction of economic resources and international production of goods & services provides competition to the business and help to grow them in terms of productivity as well as profitability. Generic strategies for business include expansion strategy, divestment strategy and combination strategies. Expansion through intensification as well diversification is most significant and provides better outcome to the business. External and internal surroundings also affect the business.

The desire to expand sales and revenue, to acquire inputs at the least cost and to minimize business and financial risk through geographic diversifications has lead to the growth of the MNCs. With the rapid internationalization of the firm's mergers, acquisitions, amalgamation and takeover activities also taking place rapidly.

// We have discussed the meaning of Global business ventures. Moving ahead, we have chosen an Organization i.e. Sony for this analyzing such business. Now we'll describe the Company in brief //

Description of the Organization- SONY

The Sony group, that is primarily focused on the electronics, financial services, games and entertainment sectors, is a Japan based corporate group. Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation and one of the world's largest media conglomerate. Sony manufactures world class electronic items with the seal of "Made in Japan". Sony is committed to apply highly advances technologies in various sectors to fulfill common household needs.

The organizational structure facilitates the implementation of measures designed through the planning process. The emphasis is either on the product structure or on area structure ar still on the functional structure. ...

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