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    Foundation of Marketing

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    what type of information is available on the American Marketing Association website to assist studentss in planning their careers and finding jobs? if you joined a student chapter of the AMA what benefits would you receive? what marketing -mix variable does the AMA's internent marketing effort exemplify.
    based on the information provided on this website www.sony.com, describe Sony's SBUs. Does Sony have SBUs that are divisions, product lines or some other profit center structure within the parent company Sony? Based on your knowledge of Sony as an innobaite leader in the consumer electronics industry, describe the company's primary competitive advantage (ie what makes Sony strategically unique how does Sony's website support this competitive advantage.
    Assess the quality and effectiveness of Sony's website. specifically, perform a preliminary SWOT analysis comparing Sony's websites you have visited.

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    A look at the AMA website shows that they have a number of services including assistance with job searches, continuing education, networking events and guidance and advice forums.
    The following link provides information on the benefits of membership in a student chapter of AMA http://www.marketingpower.com/AboutAMA/MemberBenefits/Pages/CollegeStudentlandingpage.aspx

    Now let us look at the question of which marketing mix variable the AMA's internet marketing effort exemplify. Well let us look at the marketing mix variables:
    • Product - the service or good being offered and its benefits to the user and any augmented or additional services. For example the warranty that comes with a product or after sale service is an example of the augmented part of a product
    • Price - this refers to the cost to purchase the product or service. There are many methods of costing.
    • Place - this speaks to distribution of the product or service. It answers the question of where products and services can be bought and how they are bought. Are they bought directly from the creator or producer, or are they bought through an intermediary - such as an agent in the ...

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    This solution of 746 words assesses the quality and effectiveness of Sony's website and performs a SWOT analysis comparison. References used are included.