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    Woodland Foundation: Integrated Marketing Strategy

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    Use the Internet (or library) to search and locate a variety of web sites or web offerings for nature centers. Note how these centers recruit volunteers and members. Based on your research, draft an initial integrated marketing strategy for Woodland Foundation to recruit volunteers and new members.

    Develop a presentation listing the direct and media marketing components you would recommend using. Tell how you plan to measure the plan results.

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    //Prior to describing the initial integrated marketing strategy, in the first section of the discussion paper, the websites on the internet through which the information is related to in terms of nature centers is extracted and described in detail.//

    Integrated Marketing Strategy

    While scrolling down several websites, few Internet sites which could be explored related to nature centers which came across are listed below:

    Chattahoochee Nature centre is located in Roswell. It advertises its vacancy through its website and accepts cover letter and resume via mail or through post at their headquarters (Chattahoochee Nature Center, 2008).

    Montgomery county parks use external recruitment methods like putting their vacancy online through their websites. They also provide facility of sending resumes through mail or through post.

    CUB RUN Recenter is Chantilly based recenter to exhibit nature program with a resident naturalist. They also take external recruitment strategies like applying for a position through email, fax or via post.

    //After knowing the websites used for the purposes of searching the information related to the nature centers, you now have a better understanding of the business background of Woodland Foundation and the role of the integrated market strategy in it. In this series, the introduction of the company along with the integrated marketing strategy is given in this discussion paper.//

    Integrated Marketing Strategy can be defined as plan made for the outcome of the hoards of work by the company's department which is carried out with an objective to serve the interests of the various customers. Integrated marketing exists at two levels - first, the various functions of marketing I.e. Advertising, product management, customer service and marketing research must function together. Second, marketing must cover other departments also.

    Woodland Foundation is an organization concerned about nature trails. The organization ...

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