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Culture and Cultural Diversity in Workplace

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Could you assist me with and help me identify one event that you have experienced in regard to culture and cultural diversity in workplace. How have you responded to such an event in your work environment?

Why do you need to be sensitive to certain cultural and cultural practices?

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A workplace event involving cultural diversity involved clinic staff visiting the different work stations in the production facility. The organization employs skilled and unskilled workers for milling and for producing various basket and woven products. Production staffs are comprised of people from a broad range of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Every worker has his or her own beliefs related to work ethic and possesses a different communication style, based on his or her background.

The clinic staff visited the production areas to identify any potential areas or processes that could lead to workplace injury. The visit included an assessment of ergonomics in some work stations. Identifying potential safety and injury hazards was not the most challenging part of the process. The greatest ...

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The expert examines culture and cultural diversity in the workplace. One event that you have experienced in regards to culture and cultural diversity in the workplace are determined.