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    Project Scope Planning

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    I have to identify a project and build a scope statement that includes the objective of the project, goals, a clear description of the project and any related tasks that need to be accomplished.

    I need sufficient information/feedback in order to explain and assess what project scope planning is as a process and how I plan to implement the process for the chosen project. I have to include the scope statement, consideration of Life-Cycle Phases, and participant roles. I have to indicate why I believe plans fail and justify the importance of a project charter in the project scope planning process.

    My goal is five (5) pages minimum. I look forward to hearing from you, thank you.

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    Project scope is the core planning process of the project. During project scope planning, the tasks to produce the product successfully are identified and described in sufficient detail so that the project team members understand what they should do. An important step in the early stage of the project planning process is the understanding and analyzing the project stakeholders. They are the organizations, customers, sponsors and others actively involved in the project and whose interests may affect the project. They may have influence on the deliverables.
    The project scope planning process ensures that all the reasonable tasks have been properly identified, and the team is assured that the management controls are applied appropriately. 'Sufficient detail' may vary and even 'management controls' may be exercised at higher levels than how the project team understands it. During the project scope definition which is normally the first step in the planning process, these things are being clarified to set the tone for the remaining planning effort. After a process of facilitated elaborating and documenting and effectively communicating with the project stakeholders, the key project stakeholders agree on the work to be accomplished.
    Factors to consider in performing the project scope planning process (cdc.gov): 1) Project justification (defining the business need to be addressed); 2) Product description (documenting the relationship between the product and business need); and 3) Project objective (criteria to be met for a successful project, e.g., quality, cost, schedule, etc.)
    Throughout the project scope planning process, the following are the four main actions that are conducted (cdc.gov):
    1. Scope planning - The project scope management plan is created. It is a document that states how the project scope is going to be defined, verified and controlled. It also describes how the WBS will be developed. The scope management planning process uses the preliminary scope statement from the project charter and other business documents.
    2. Scope definition - A more detailed project scope statement that will be useful for future project decisions is developed during scope definition.
    Factors to be considered:
    a. Product scope - product output needs to be well-defined and well-understood by everyone. Oftentimes, it is necessary to prepare the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) for the whole duration of the project. Whenever there is uncertainty with the requirements for the product, the WBS ...

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