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Describe the purpose of PMBOK, how it is developed, and how it can be used.

Make sure that it covers:
Basic knowledge of the contents of the PMBOK.
Identify the five project lifecycle phases and their components.

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This solution talks about PMBOK in great detail. . It then advances ideas about the basic knowledge of PMBOK and five project lifecycle phases and their components.

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The purpose of PMBOK is to set up an acceptable standard that is globally acceptable. PMBOK provides the process and procedures that are designated as the best practice in the industry. PMBOK standards are applicable to almost any type of project and not just IT projects.

Actually it is The Project Management Institute that gives " A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge"


PMBOK has been developed by The Project Management Institute. This guide provides the fundamental substratum for comprehending the scope of project management knowledge. This document can be got from the website of The Project Management Institute.

The processes and knowledge ...

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