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    Project Management Methodology

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    Projects comprise a range of complex activities that must be completed in a sequence. It is useful to be able to make a distinction between terms such as project and program. According to the Guide to the PMBOK (2008), "A program is defined as a group of related projects managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and control not available from managing them individually" (p. 9). A program management office must be established to either provide management support to large projects or to manage continuous changes to a particular program's set of projects.

    According to the Wysocki text, all valid project management methodologies must be able to answer the following six basic questions: What business situation is being addressed? What do you need to do? What will you do? How will you do it? How will you know you did it? How well did you do?

    Evaluate the five Process Groups defined in the PMBOK. Explain how each of the Process Groups answers one or more of the six questions. Based on your evaluation, do you believe that the PMBOK approach is a valid project management methodology? Why?

    please cite your sources and in-text citation would be very helpful

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    Project management is imperative to meeting the company's objectives to completing a needed project for proficiency and efficiency. Thus, the PMBOK is the guide book for project managers for adhering to the fundamentals aspects in imposing strategies that centers around methodologies for completing projects.

    Most company's projects are complex as well as costly, which requires a strategic blueprint to successfully complete the project on time and within budget. The project management methodologies are centered on core concepts that highlight the accountability from the project manager to the project team. In reviewing the particulars of what defines how the program management office can succeed in completing projects are the following attributes:

    1. Project management methodologies reinforced by the business ...

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    The review into project management methodology approach within a business environment aiming towards accomplishing a distinction associated terms from project to program for execution.