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Describe a business plan

In a double spaced summary, describe a business plan. Assist in explaining what it must include and why it is important to a business. Also describe any potential issues that could come from not having a business plan.

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This is an outline of a basic business proposal. I am sure you will see where you need to make additions or corrections from your own knowledge or experiences.

A business plan is a tool for businesses to use to apply for funding and to guide the company as it fulfills its potential for growth. A business plan has different elements that can be applied, but the basic plan includes information that informs of the thought and action the company has applied to its success.

Executive Summary

The introduction called the executive summary is first. It details the reason for the business plan and is like an abstract in highlighting the information that will be in the plan. It should be short; no more than a couple of paragraphs.

The company ...

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The solution assists in describing a business plan.