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business plan for a sports retail store

I am about to start a Business and needed some help with writing a business plan for a sports retail store. What is it that I need to do in order to do this? The franchise I am thinking about starting is known as BAMA Fever. It is located in Birmingham, Alabama.

Their website is if you need to know what they actually do. Thanks in advance!

I just need some type of example!!!!!!

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To start it's important to understand that the business plan must be comprehensive enough to address the concerns of employees, investors, bankers, venture capitalists, suppliers, customers, advisors, and consultants. There are three perspectives that need to be considered: Perspective of the entrepreneur; Marketing perspective; and Eye of the investor. The depth and detail of your business plan should depend on the size and scope of your proposed venture.

Before preparing your business plan, you should do a quick feasibility study to see if there are possible barriers to success. The information for a feasibility study should focus on marketing, finance, and production. The internet can be a valuable resource for this information.

You should clearly define your venture's goals and objectives, which also provide a framework for your business plan. Goals that are too general or that are not feasible make the business plan difficult to control and implement. The business plan must reflect reasonable goals based on this. Strategy decisions can be established to achieve the goals.

You will need information ...

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