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Business Strategies: Functional Strategies in Missouri

The most popular fishing destination in Missouri isn't what you might think. It is not the gateway arch nor is it Harry Truman's home in Independence. Instead you have to go to the southwest corner of the state to Springfield to the Bass-Pro Shops Outdoor World. Over 4 million visit here annually. Most of them are hunters, fishers or outdoors enthusiast. But many come just to see the incredible sights and to experience the retail atmosphere of the store. There is a four story waterfall, riffle and archery ranges, a putting range and an indoor driving range. People can get their hair cut at the barbershop and then arrange to get a lure made from the clippings. They can get a latte' at the coffee shop or have a full lunch at Hemmingway's Blue Water Café , whose showcase is a 30,000 gallon saltwater aquarium. And then there are the incredible wildlife displays throughout the store-many of which have become popular photo spots for visitors. However despite all of these fascinating attractions, the heart and soul of the store is still the rows and rows of guns, decoys, tents, and rods, reels, lures, campers, and clothing, as well as other sports equipment and outdoor apparel. One enormous wing of the store show cases boats- speed boats, houseboats, pontoon boats, fiberglass boats, and aluminum boats. There is something for everyone to experience and to enjoy. Johnny Morris, founder of Bass Pro, was born and raised in Springfield. He opened the original store in a small corner of his father's liquor store. From that humble beginning the company has grown to be a dominant player in the sports and outdoors markets. Morris's operating philosophy is never let a customer have a dull moment. His retail approach has been one of excitement and entertainment. The design of the flagship ( the Granddaddy) and ultimately all of the other stores was developed from visiting other retail establishments and to understand their appeal. One visit to LL Bean in Freeport Maine, was particularly memorable. Morris felt that if the store could draw well over3.5 million visitors a year to the middle of no where, then he could do that and better in Springfield. The retailing success that is now Bass Pro Shops is duplicated now in 26 different locations from Islamorada, Florida, to Okalahoma City, to Baltimore to Las Vegas. And the company continues to look for new opportunities. Its newest store announcement was for a waterfront location in a new retail development in downtown Branson Missouri another popular tourist location. Although the stores are a vital part of Bass Pro's strategies, they are not the only way customers can purchase any of their thousands of items. The company's catalogs and on-line ordering are important parts of its operations as well. Their catalog which was launched in 1974 was its first step to achieving national recognition. Through the catalogs many customers became fiercely loyal to the brand. In addition to these retailing strategies, they also sponsor several T.V. and radio programs and run a luxurious resort in the Ozark Mountains.


1. What examples of functional strategies do you see in this case? Label these examples and give specific descriptions of them.

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1. What examples of functional strategies do you see in this case? Label these examples and give specific descriptions of them.

One of the key functional strategies has been the size of the store. The company has focused on opening huge retail stores with plenty of shopping and ...

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