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    Marketing Budget

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    I need a well thought out plan with actual experience to help with the creation of a marketing budget for this scenario. Please be detailed as possible with examples in details.


    I need to determine a budget for the Trista Doll.

    How do you start the plan?

    What components do you use in the plan?

    Does channel distributions are to be included?

    My goal is to promote and sale this item to kids but to attract the attention of adults.

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    Please see response attached (also presented below), as well as one supporting example. I hope this helps and take care.


    You wrote this:

    "Please instruct the OTA, that whatever plan or example she has would be sufficient."

    It is important to remember that the marketing budget is part of the overall marketing plan. Since this is a new product in your scenario, I will provide an example of the entire marketing plan, and if you only need to complete the budgeting section, then you have that option. Although I have did an extensive search for a specific example of "a marketing budget" application, with the exception of those that are selling software products and/or other samples, there were No specific marketing budget plans, per se (e.g., using the key words "marketing and budgeting plans" I received 0 'Hits" for marketing budgeting plans). I have located several examples, however, that include the marketing budget as part of the overall marketing plan for your consideration - presented either below or added as an attachment.However, since this is a new product, the company would probably need to engage in a complete marketing plan for the product. Saying that, you may be instructed to focus ONLY on the marketing budget. Either way, the marketing plan (example 1) is provided FOR ILLUSTRATIVE PURPOSES.

    Note that Example 2 is a marketing plan in the form of a questionnaire, AND ONCE filled out using your specific scenario information, your marketing and budgeting plan will be near completion.

    The third and fourth examples are examples of different marketing plan models, showing different sections to address.


    The response begins by addressing the information in the attached article.

    The Marketing and Budgeting Plan

    The Marketing Plan is a highly detailed, heavily researched and, hopefully, well written report that many inside and possibly outside the organization will evaluate. It is an essential document for both large corporate marketing departments and for startup companies. Essentially the Marketing Plan:

    · forces the marketing personnel to look internally in order to fully understand the results of past marketing decisions.
    · forces the marketing personnel to look externally in order to fully understand the market in which they operate.
    · sets future goals and provides direction for future marketing efforts that everyone within the organization should understand and support.
    · is a key component in obtaining funding to pursue new initiatives.

    The Marketing Plan is generally undertaken for one of the following reasons (number 2 seems to apply best to your scenario):

    1. Needed as part of the yearly planning process within the marketing functional area.
    2. Needed for a specialized strategy to introduce something new, such as new product planning, entering new markets, or trying a new strategy to fix an existing problem.
    3. Is a component within an overall business plan, such as a new business proposal to the financial community.

    In fact, there are many ways to develop and format a marketing plan (you can find more ideas in the KnowThis Marketing

    Plan topic area). The approach taken here is to present a 6-Part plan that includes:

    1. Purpose and Mission
    2. Situational Analysis
    3. Strategies and Objectives
    4. Tactical Marketing Programs
    5. Budgeting, Performance Analysis and Implementation (see page 15 of attachment "Marketing Plan and Budgeting")
    6. Additional Considerations

    Note: This plan is aimed at individual products and product lines, however, it can be adapted fairly easily for use in planning one or more strategic business units (SBU). (See attachment for more on ecah section "Marketing Plan and Budgeting").

    For an example Click on the following links below (or click specifically on financials): PLEASE SEE ATTACHED REPSONSE FOR LINKS

    Example 1: Pottery--Custom Dishware (see http://www.mplans.com/spv/3416/index.cfm?affiliate=mplans or click on the linked sections below for convenience).

    Marketing Plan
    Kaolin Calefactors
    1.0 Executive Summary
    2.0 Situation Analysis
    3.0 Marketing Strategy
    4.0 Financials
    1 Break-even Analysis
    Break-even Analysis
    Break-even Analysis
    4.2 Sales Forecast
    Monthly Sales Forecast
    Sales Forecast
    4.3 Expense Forecast
    Monthly Expense Budget
    Marketing Expense Budget

    5.0 Controls

    Example 2: Marketing and Budgeting Plan

    This is the marketing plan of_____________________________________
    A. Target Market - Who are the customers?
    1. We will be selling primarily to (check all that apply):

    Market Segment Total Percent of Business
    a. Private sector %
    b. Wholesalers %
    c. Retailers %
    d. Government %
    e. Other %
    2. We will be targeting customers by:
    a. Product line
    We will target specific lines _________________
    b. Geographic area? Which areas? _________________
    c. Sales? We will target sales of _________________
    d. Industry? Our target industry is _________________
    e. Other? _________________

    3. How much will our selected market spend on our ...

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    In reference to a budget for the Trista Doll, this solution discusses the creation of a marketing budget for this scenario through detailed illustrative examples. Supplemented with a highly informative article on budgeting and marketing.