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    Salient Features of a Global Business Plan

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    1. What are some salient features of a global business plan?

    2. Who would be a good candidate to lead the implementation of the global business plan and why? How would you monitor the progress of the plan and evaluate the results? If you encounter major setbacks in the implementation of your plan, how would contingency planning be useful? What would you recommend?

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    1. What are some salient features of a global business plan?

    One of the major features of a global business plan is that it provides a solution to deal with differences in culture, customs, business practices and peculiar market conditions of different markets across the world with customized strategies. A global business plan takes such unique characteristics of each market into consideration and devises strategies to deal with such differences and exploit market conditions in the best possible manner. Global business plan allows organization to prevent cultural blunders and customize or localize its product or service as per local market conditions.

    A global business plan ...

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