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    Organizational Model

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    Based on the marketing plan for EduTot, discuss what international organizational structure/model (global product, area, functional, customer) and marketing mix would be the best fit for international expansion. Provide a 1500-1750 word summary explaining your organizational model selection.

    Make certain your work conforms to the requirements of the APA format. Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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    //Before discussing about the International Organizational Structure, we will talk about the introduction of the simple 'Organizational Structure'. After having the knowledge of organizational structure, in this part, we will also discuss about the 'International Organizational Structure', which has four factors like global product, area, functional, customer and here, we will also discuss how these four factors affect the international Organizational Structure.//


    This paper deals with the organizational model for Edu Tots in order to expand the business at international level. In present scenario of globalization, it is necessary to structure the organizational model according to the specific requirements. There are various important factors which should be considered while developing the structure for the organization such as global products, area functional and customers. Apart from this, the marketing mix is also described by taking its relevance with the organizational structure. This will assist the reader to gain an insight about those factors which are significant for the international expansion.

    International organizational structure

    To expand the business at international level, it is essential for Edu Tots to develop effective strategies which assist it to attain its objective of expansion in Singapore. The international organizational structure refers to the process of building the structure at international level. As the organization wants to expand its business in Singapore, so it is necessary for it to focus on the prominent aspects which assist it to develop a competent and promising structure.

    Global product

    To develop organizational structure at international level, it is necessary for Edu Tots to develop a product and implement some innovative & creative features within it to expand it at global level. Company should add extra features within its products to generate awareness at global level. To develop the product at global level, organization should implement some global guidelines which assist it to effectively approach the customers at global level. The organization should also follow the system method of management in order to effectively position its product. It should develop a communication system to communicate with its key customers at both the levels, such as internal and external. It should establish global advocacy principle and implement them with precise manner which assist it to develop a competent product. It should also develop a system to provide proper product information to the general public. It should follow the advanced methods which assist it to improve its relationship with different associated organizations. This would assist Edu Tots to expand its business at international level.


    The demographic factors play a significant role in the success or failure of the organizational structure of Edu Tots. As the organization wants to expand its ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1789 words with references.