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Interfaith sharing

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Interfaith sharing is becoming common in communities across the country. For example, here in Tucson the coalition of Congregation Ner Tamid, the Islamic Center of Tucson and St. Francis in the Foothills United Methodist Church call themselves an "interfaith task force." They schedule community movie nights on Sundays, followed by a discussion of the movie. The point is to foster understanding between different faiths through films. Also, a museum exhibit that originated in Israel is now touring major cities around the world for the last four years. Its title is "Coexistence: The Art of Living Together." The poster that is part of the tour is a large, dark bean pod containing black, red, yellow, and white beans. The copy on the poster reads "Human Beans: CoExistence."

In the spirit of these two examples, what image, symbol, or picture/graphic can we think of that would express the idea of interfaith cooperation / understanding? The cliché for this idea is a three-part handshake among black, red, yellow, and white hands. What does imagination suggest?

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