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Religion in the workplace today

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The following questions are posed:
1) How many religious traditions are included among your co-workers, associates and/or customers and/or clients? Identify them.
2) What impact do you see these religious traditions having on your personal relationship with them? Why?
3) What is your belief system and what impact does it have on your work?

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Please allow some of my own workplace ideas to model for you. Once you write your own response, please send as a new posting for us to edit and offer feedback. Have a lovely day!

1. First of all, as you notice how many religious traditions are included among your co-workers, associates and/or customers and/or clients, there are numerous examples in my own area. Thus, I would label the most predominant traditions as Christian practices among these stakeholders and employees within my own job. What about you?

From what I personally observe with my colleagues and clients, they tend to pray, bless themselves with the sign of the cross when a topic of severity is mentioned, and say "God bless you" or "God is great" commonly among conversations. They tend to practice this notion that God is present everywhere and they seem to serve as testimony to his glory.

Since you used the words "traditions," it was a bit ambiguous, so I did not get into holidays. Since holidays also embed traditions, I advise you to infuse examples of these holiday traditions as well.

In terms of other traditions, most of my Christian colleagues and clients also attend ...

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Religion in the workplace is demonstrated.

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