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    Help with World Religion Questions (Buddhism, Islam, Religious movements)

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    1)How did the childhood experiences od Siddhartha Guatama (Buddha) lead to his questioning of the spiritual practices of his time.

    2)What events and figures have shaped the development of Islam in the United States?

    3)How are newer religions different from older ones? How are they similar?

    4)What effect do you think religious pluralism and the interfaith movement will have on the future of organized religion?

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    1) Siddhartha Guatama was born a prince in a kingdom in India. He led a very sheltered life. On three separate occasions he escaped out of the palace and he ventured into the city. On each occasion he witnessed three very upsetting sights, which were old age; sickness and death. All of which were hidden from him by his father, the king of a kingdom in India. This led him to believe that life was suffering and this led him on a journey to rid oneself of suffering (old age, sickness and death), and thereby ridding oneself from the Wheel of Samsara. This is the foundation of Theravada Buddhism. Further, when he finally ventured out of the palace for good, he tried to live a life as a Jain (ascetic) whereby he realized that there should be a middle path between the ...