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    pro/cons concerning the development and usage of genetically modified organisms

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    Compose a letter to a member of Congress representing pro/cons concerning the development and usage of GMOâ??s. (genetically modified organisms(.



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    There are many different kinds of genetically modified organisms, from transgenic fish sold as pets, to transgenic herbicide-resistant soybeans, to transgenic bacteria making insulin to medicate people who have Type II Diabetes. GMO organisms are also essential to much molecular biology research, with very wide ranging impacts in medicine and our understanding of the natural world. With all this range of form and function in GMOs, it is important to define exactly what you mean and decide where you want to focus. Most discussion of GMOs revolves around genetically modified agricultural products, and this may be a good place for you to focus your letter. These can include crops that have been engineered to produce pesticides, resist herbicides, produce extra nutrients, or even produce medical drugs (these last are known as Pharma Crops, and are not intended for regular human consumption).

    One resource you can use is the Union of Concerned Scientists, which puts out articles from a respected body of professional scientists, and the section of their site devoted to genetically engineered plants ...

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    This solution offers the pro and cons concerning the development and usage of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).