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    Effects of genetically modified organisms

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    I need help with the following, Biotechnology allows us to use living organisms or their processes for human needs or purposes.

    Research how biotechnology is used today. Describe one use of biotechnology do not use gene therapy, answering the following questions:

    What biotechnology application did you choose?
    Briefly describe this process or application.
    What benefits are derived from this?
    Are there any concerns or negative impacts associated with this use of biotechnology? Why or why not?

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    Solution Summary

    Recombinant DNA technology is one of the most important tool of biotechnology and is utilized in the production of Genetically Modified (GM) foods. GMs are produced from genetically modified organisms (GMO) which have had their genome altered through genetic engineering techniques.
    Controversies surrounding GM foods and crops commonly focus on human and environmental safety, labeling and consumer choice, intellectual property rights, ethics, food security, poverty reduction, and environmental conservation.