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    Some countries have banned genetically modified organisms (GMOs). How do you feel about these GMOs? Should they be banned? Why or why not?

    Examples of GMOs are bacteria that produce incredibly pure human insulin, rice that contains beta carotene that helps prevent blindness in third world countries, red carrots, and glow in the dark cats, pigs, and tobacco

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    Dear student

    This is a very important question with far-reaching implications, so you should not take it lightly.

    It is often said by supportive scientists that there is nothing wrong with GMOs since they are merely genetically-modified organisms, similar to what man has been doing for centuries in manipulating traits of animals and plants. But there is a big problem with this flawed reason. GMOs are not merely genetically-modified organisms. They are genetically-modified organisms whose genetic material has been changed using advanced genetic engineering techniques in the laboratory. This has never been done before, so making analogies to the centuries' old practice of selective breeding is ...

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    GMOs are assessed. Examples of GMOs bacteria that produces incredibly pure human insulin is determined.