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GMOs, Sustainability and the future

Should we continue to develop genetically modified foods and expand their use?

Is there hope for a sustainable future, in which both environmental quality and human well-being are improved? What can we do to advance sustainability?

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We almost certainly WILL expand their use as the end result has been to increase food production and nutrition [ref 4] - just as selective breeding & hybridization has done. [ref 5] Whether we should .... kind of open. After all, while a certain degree of concern is hysteria, some is earnest and warranted. [ref 1, 3]

As is noted in several of the references below [eg: ref 1], GMOs have caused some adverse effects in humans and have the potential to do more. Specifically the changing of gene sequences results in alteration of proteins. Proteins are the majority of allergens. Also, "jumping genes" can occur when pollen from GMOs drift downwind and pollinate non-GMO fields, or even close species (which do not get "pollinated" ...

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Two brief discussions and selected references regarding A) GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and B) sustainability and Earth's future are determined.