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GMO Food Risk

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You are attending a conference on sustainable development in low-income countries at Colorado Technical University. During your lunch break, you walk to the cafeteria and notice that one vendor is advertising "GMO-free" food. You purchase and enjoy a sandwich from this vendor. Later that day, you decide to do some research on genetically modified foods to find out why consumers might choose GM-free foods.

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GMOs are something we see ever more frequently in the food supply. We almost certainly will continue to expand their use as the end results thus far has been to increase food production and nutrition [ref 4] - just as selective breeding & hybridization has done previously. [ref 5] Whether we should .... that is kind of open. After all, there is concern over the use of GMOs as the question notes, and while a certain degree of concern is hysteria, some is earnest and warranted. [ref 1, 3] But bringing in genes from another organism to confer pest resistance or change the internal functionality of anything ...

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provides an short research base to explore the potential risks of GMO foodstuffs. Includes reference list with live hyperlinks

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