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1. Write a report, providing a brief overview of the debate surrounding genetic food modification.
2. Utilizing information from the Internet, include in the report the process by which transgenic organisms are created. In your description, address the following questions:
? How is this process similar to the more traditional selective breeding and how is it different?
? What are the potential benefits of genetic modification of food?
? What are the concerns of those opposed to genetically modified crops?

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Genetically Modified (GM) foods are produced from genetically modified organisms (GMO) which have had their genome altered through genetic engineering techniques. GMO has infact, replaced the traditional selective breeding technology of food productions. However, GMO is sharply distinct from traditional crops in terms of better yield and other useful phenotypic attributes.
The incentives for modifying food genetically come in four main categories: better health, better products, better for the environment and better business. However, controversies surrounding GM foods and crops commonly focus on human and environmental safety, labelling and consumer choice, intellectual property rights, ethics, food security, poverty reduction, and environmental conservation

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Effects of genetically modified organisms

I need help with the following, Biotechnology allows us to use living organisms or their processes for human needs or purposes.

Research how biotechnology is used today. Describe one use of biotechnology do not use gene therapy, answering the following questions:

What biotechnology application did you choose?
Briefly describe this process or application.
What benefits are derived from this?
Are there any concerns or negative impacts associated with this use of biotechnology? Why or why not?

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