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    Costs and Benefits of Genetically Modified Organism Crops

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    Given what you know about genetically modified organisms (GMOs), identify some of the costs and benefits associated with GMO crops. Which of the costs and benefits do you find most important? Why? Support your response with scientific rationale based on concepts you know.

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    - Impacts on wildlife
    - Health risks
    - Undermine traditional agricultural knowledge
    - Agricultural monopolies
    - 'Super' weeds from cross-pollination
    - Large profits accrue in biotech companies

    - Less use of pesticides
    - Less use of fuel
    - Less machinery wear
    - Higher crop yield
    - Less disturbance of ...

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    This solution identifies costs and benefits associated with genetically modified organism crops, including the Expert's opinion on which of these costs and benefits are most important; the answer is supposed by scientific rationale.