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    Format for letter asking for tuition reimbursement

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    I have been asked to submit a proposal to my present organization requesting full tuition reimbursement. As part of my annual review, I requested the organization to cover 100% of my tuition. I would like to see a format.

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    To: Human Resources Manager
    From: your name
    Re: Tuition reimbursement

    I am submitting the following proposal as part of my annual review. It concerns the reimbursement of tuition for college classes I attend in an attempt to improve my ability to help the company and its success.

    I undertook this endeavor after discussing the situation with my resource counselor, assigned when I was hired. The school tuition reimbursement program was one of the deciding factors in accepting the position. I had planned to return to school and get a degree, and the offer ...

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    A letter format asking for a tuition reimbursement from company. Includes some points that one might wish to address in the letter concerning information employer will need.