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    Tuition Reimbursement as Employee Benefit

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    Your company has had a very profitable year and is looking to expand their employee benefits. As an employee in the benefits department, you have been asked to prepare a report to persuade your company administrators that adding tuition reimbursement for the bachelors degrees in business and communication benefits the company. Because the company has already approved a budget for this expansion, financial costs are not a concern.

    Write a paper that explains the benefits to the company. Include the following:

    New professional opportunities you believe this degree affords to employees
    Types of careers peopl with the degree often have
    Earning potential of people who have the degree
    Benefits to the company, like increase retention

    Include: 3 scholarly research resources into the paper.
    Format with APA guidelines.

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    The most applicable resources I could find are here:

    Alexander, C & Goldberg, M. (2011). Lifelong Learning Through Labor/Management Cooperation: Building the Workforce of the Future. Journal of Adult Learning, 22(1). Pg 6-12. ISSN: 10451595.

    Arms, D. (2010). How to Retain Your Employees. Journal of Strategic Finance, 92(3). Pg 19-23. ISSN: 1524833X

    Suggested Paper Outline:

    - Setup the scenario, state your position that TA provides significant benefit to the company across ...

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    Detailed outline with suggested references on the corporate benefits of including tuition reimbursement as a portion of employee compensation. APA format.