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Business Letter Organization

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You are asked to write a business letter to achieve a certain purpose.

You are employed as a senior technician by Bartlett Electronics, 20265 East 65th Street, New York, New York 10105. You are asked to determine if Marken Industries makes an oscilloscope probe having a 10-to-1 attenuator in it with an input impedance greater than 20 Meg Ohms. You also want to
know how much it would cost. If they don't have a 20-megohm probe, you want to find out what the highest impedance 10:1 unit they make is (and its cost). Marken is located at 135 Avon Rd., Balsave, Arizona 53222. You also want a copy of their oscilloscope catalog. Write a letter which will accomplish this purpose.

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In order to write the required business letter, you should be familiar with the format of business letters. This solution will focus on the organization rather than the format of the letter.

After the greeting line, you should dedicate the first paragraph to introducing yourself to the reader of your ...

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This is a suggested organization of a business letter.

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