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    Business Communication: Resume and cover letter

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    Assistance with formulating a resume and a cover letter: applying for the management job. Apply persuasion and writing letters to formulate.

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    Hello, am not sure whether this is for personal purposes or educational. But regardless, note that the best cover letter is a selling instrument for you. It is meant to emphasize on why you ought to get the job and how fit you are for the job advertised. There are many designs out there to use, but the most important thing to remember is to keep it under one page and make it as catchy as possible, using "key" words that are relevant to the job and how well you fit into the role. As many commercialized people will claim to have the ultimate solution, I personally do not believe there is any universal cover letter, rather, make it professional, state your express intention for the job, why you think the job fits your description based on your qualifications, what you can bring onto the table, and finally thanking the company for giving you the chance to make the application as you hope for a favorable response. Note that most recruiting personnel have only a couple of seconds to be attracted to your cover letter and go through it. You therefore need to really make it stand out, emphasizing on key pointers. Here is favorite classic one that I like for a position within a financial field:

    Applicant's Names
    Telephone Contacts ? email address

    The Resourcing Manager
    Company you are applying to


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Reference: ...

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