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Writing a resume and cover letter

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In this assignment you will read about writing a resume and cover letter, find a job opening that looks interesting, and then write a resume and cover letter for that job. Start by read the following in ProQuest. They explain how to write an effective resume and cover letter.

Tips for Writing Winning Resumes: Answers to Students' Most Frequently Asked Questions

Beale, A. V., (2004). Tips for Writing Winning Resumes: Answers to Students' Most Frequently Asked Questions Techniques. Alexandria, 79(5), 4 pgs.Beale, A. V., (2004).

Writing your resume right

Anonymous, (2003). Writing your resume right. Businessline. Chennai, Jan 13, 2003. pg. 1

Resumes, applications, and cover letters

Crosby, O., (1999). Resumes, applications, and cover letters. Occupational Outlook Quarterly. Washington, 43(2), 13 pgs.


Go to Monster.com or another employment website and find a job opening that interests you. Following the guidelines from the above readings, write a resume and a cover letter applying for the job. Hand in the job ad, resume and cover letter. Remember and apply what you've learned so far on persuasion and writing letters. Your resume and cover letter will be graded on how much and how well you apply ideas from the readings.

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The expert examines writing a resume and a cover letter.

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Hello there. I am pasting a sample cover letter and resume for you to take a look at.

Both coordinate well with this job posting on Monster.com: http://jobview.monster.com/Director-of-Development-Job-New-York-NY-104674955.aspx

Best of luck.


Dear Sir or Madam:

Please accept the enclosed resume for the position of Development Director. I am excited to submit my credentials for this position because I believe your organization is providing exactly the opportunity I am looking for to take the next step forward in my career.

I graduated from a small college in xxx, where giving back to the community and to the school was not only encouraged, but also exemplified. Because of this, I have a passion for raising funds for needy organizations; to see my dreams become reality, I've worked in the educational field helping to organize special events, manage communications, and raise funds for organizations that are making a difference in their communities. Having recently relocated to xxxx, I'm looking to expand and more fully utilize my skill-set in an organization that will allow me room to grow and prosper.

My experience working with mission-driven organizations has given me hands-on experience in fundraising and events management, in an organized and effective manner. Coupled with my academic credentials, I believe ...

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