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    Enhancing Proficiency in Instructional Design

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    Action steps you could take to enhance your proficiency in instructional design and technology to increase the probability of landing the job you want

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    Go to SimplyHired, Monster, or any job engine and do a search for ID jobs.
    Click directly on the source, see what the job requires you to have as an applicant. Look at the qualifications for the jobs posted.
    As a person in the ID field, I constantly seek out trainings to enhance my skills. Coursera.org offers free online courses and seek out others sites that offer free online classes.
    Also, check out professional development conferences for trainings on FLASH, Dreamweaver and things like that.
    Talk to professors or professionals in the ID field and ask them for pointers on becoming more proficient. What did they do and how did they get their ...

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    Solution contains detailed step-by-step information about increasing your probability of landing a job in the Instructional design field.