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How to write an effective cover letter and resume

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Explain how to write an effective resume and cover letter.

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I. I have attached a sample resume based on the job of part time Art instructor (ceramics) from the job announcement that follows:

"Job Title: Part Time Art Instructor (Ceramics)
Work Hours: Varies
Required Applicant Documents: Resume
Special Instructions to Applicants: Applicants will be required to attach a current resume/curriculum vitae. Official transcripts will be verified if you are offered employment.

Closing Date: Open until filled
Job Summary: Under administrative leadership, it is the responsibility of part time faculty to perform tasks which support advancement of the visions, missions, and values of the colleges and District. Part time faculty has responsibilities in regards to their classroom assignment, evaluation of students, curriculum, ...

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In today's competitive job market it is vital that applicants submit cover letters and resumes that grab the employers' attention so you are invited for an interview. This 503-word solution offers step-by-step directions for writing winning resumes and cover letters. The solution also includes a sample resume as an attachment and links where you will find detailed information and examples on how to prepare resumes and cover letters.

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In this assignment you will read about writing a resume and cover letter, find a job opening that looks interesting, and then write a resume and cover letter for that job. Start by read the following in ProQuest. They explain how to write an effective resume and cover letter.

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Beale, A. V., (2004). Tips for Writing Winning Resumes: Answers to Students' Most Frequently Asked Questions Techniques. Alexandria, 79(5), 4 pgs.Beale, A. V., (2004).

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Crosby, O., (1999). Resumes, applications, and cover letters. Occupational Outlook Quarterly. Washington, 43(2), 13 pgs.


Go to Monster.com or another employment website and find a job opening that interests you. Following the guidelines from the above readings, write a resume and a cover letter applying for the job. Hand in the job ad, resume and cover letter. Remember and apply what you've learned so far on persuasion and writing letters. Your resume and cover letter will be graded on how much and how well you apply ideas from the readings.

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