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    Resume and Cover Letter Example

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    You are a AVP Relationship Manager for capitol one. Write a resume and a cover letter applying for the job. Submit your resume and cover letter. Consider the ability to generate goodwill and convince your prospective employer on your strengths, while preventing potential negative impressions. Achieving these would make a compelling case for your application and hence, give you an opportunity to be interviewed.

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    First and foremost you must understand the difference between a resume and cover letter. The resume will itemize (your) own employment history, which in this particular post could be that you previously worked for a logistics company while attending college to obtain your Master's degree in logistics. The degree that was obtained should be itemized throughout the education section.

    The format should resemble this typical resume format

    Contact information

    Experience section

    Position descriptions,

    Employment dates throughout your employment history beginning with the latest job first

    Education Section

    I don't have any information about (your) educational background or prior employment experience, but I would surmise that it is a background rooted in management. ...

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    The Solution provides an example resume and cover letter to show how to write an effective cover letter and outline experience in a resume.