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    cover letter

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    These areas are emphasized:

    ? Create a cover letter for a selected job description.
    ? Discuss the value of cover letters with regard to recruitment efforts.
    o Are they a necessary step in the process, or can they be eliminated?
    o Present pros and cons to both sides.

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    Importance of cover letter:

    The cover letter plays an important role in the job search, and if done properly, it can substantially improve your ability to compete for jobs and generate interviews. It adds a personal touch to your application and shows employers that you are a serious, professional candidate.

    In addition, a well-written cover letter demonstrates your communication and organizational skills by example and shows that you are the type of candidate who is willing to go the extra mile. In this highly competitive job market, the cover letter gives you a much needed edge over other job seekers, because it gives you an opportunity to describe how ...

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    The expert creates a cover letter for a selected job description.