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    Letter Sample - How to Request a Speaker for an Event

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    The scenario for the basis of this letter is:
    Write a proposal letter to a respected community figure asking him to deliver a lecture and dinner speech at an annual festival.

    The sample letter provided is about three paragraphs, including a brief summary of the Boys & Girls Club as the sample organization with the annual festival. The letter explains why the recipient was selected and the expectations for the lecture; along with expressing appreciation for their consideration. It is vital for all business communications to be professional and showcase why involvement with the organization is beneficial.

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    Dear Mr. Smith,

    The annual Boys & Girls Club Annual Benefit Festival is coming soon and we are excited for what is sure to be another successful event. Every year, our community shows an outpouring of support to ensure that all children have access to engaging, team building activities after school; provided in a safe environment. Our services are invaluable to keep kids in structured programs, rather alone or ...

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    When soliciting a speech or lecture from a community figure, the request letter must be professional as it is the first impression the potential speaker will have of the organization. The letter should be clear and concise; specifying what the need is and why the speaker was chosen. This solution is over 250 words and provides a sample letter, making a request for a community figure to speak at an event.